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Ettamathe Mothiram   Price: Rs 275.00
The book adeptly travels down memory lane that starts from Kuppupuram in Kerala and passing through Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Madras, Delhi, London, Istanbul and Berlin. The canvas is broad, and Mathew, using memory as his brush has painted a picture that is both informative and poignant.
The language of the book is unique and rich with colloquial nuances. Yet it flows as smoothly as a stream, over 32 chapters. A hallmark of this memoir is the trendy use of visual writing. There's a word picture on almost every page.Finally the book ends as a symphony. The conclusion begins at its own pace, reaches a crescendo and finally merges into silence as the last note in an orchestra would.
The book is dedicated to K. M Mathew's mother, whose ornaments were made into rings and given to her nine children. Mathew, being her eighth child, got the eighth ring, which turned out to be the title of the book on his life

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About Ettamathe Mothiram
Author:  K.M MATHEW
About the Author:  Chief Editor, Malayala Manorama
Language:  Malayalam
Publisher:  D.C Books
Cover:  Paperback
Pages:  512
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